domingo, abril 03, 2005

After a long time, here we are to present my friend Takami!!!

We met in Arraial D'ajuda, but i don' t remember exactly where... Perhaps in a boat trip... (Sorry!!! i am a littlle lazy to remember those king of things...) 1 year ago... And she was with Natsuko and after that day, we met every day in different way... I remember also when we went to a "balada" (went out at night) in the last night, and they didn't know about "ficar" (kiss and say good bye) and a lot of guys arrived to them and want a kiss!!! The guys tryied to talk in english but they were so durnked that they can't!!! It was very very funny!!!

Takami does not know but i have already talked about her to a lot of my friends because she is so special... she travels a lot and it is so fascinating... I am choosing the places i want to visit by her beatiful photos!!!

Even in Brazil she know more places than a lot of person here!!! including myself!!! That time she went to Amazonia, Cataratas do Iguacu, Rio de Janeiro, Arraial and Pantanal, i think it is right!?!

Almost 1 year later she came back to Brazil and we had a day to meet each other!!! But... I went to Sao Carlos to Leticia's graduation and the car had broken when we are coming back... I just arrived in my home at midnight and just had a breakfast with her, unfortunately!!!

She went to Fernando de Noronha and enjoyed a lot!!! That is one of the most beatiful places in Earth!!! For sure!!!

Now, i am saving money to go to Europa visit her, because she lives in Viena!!!

Miss you my friend!!!
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Takami disse...

Marcela!! We met on a tour to several beaches like Trancoso first! It's a pity that you don't remenber!!
I have not been to Pantanal yet, but I really wanna go there in the near future!
Yes, the next time I will visit Sao Paulo, we should go out in the night together!!!!!

Anônimo disse...

Hey, don't forget to invite me to go with you, guys!